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  • We will work with you or your homeowner on the PICRA and or Property Inspection.
  • We will help you get to close.
  • You can be assured that repairs won’t be a hassle that you will have to worry about.
  • We accept payment at closing.
  • We provide before and after pictures.
  • You can view our progress from our free customer portal.

Fix-Homes can handle most PICRA and Home Inspection list items.

Your goal as a real estate agent is to sell a property at best possible price. Staging a property and advising the home owner to address PICRA and Home Inspection items can help the property show better and lead to the best possible result.

Sprucing up, decluttering and removing personal effects will lead to great sales results. But it’s also important to make sure the toilets flush properly, faucets do not drip, there is no visible wall damage perhaps from a prior leak, windows and doors open and close correctly, gutters are affixed properly, ceiling fans work and any other small details that could hinder the quick sale of the house are in good working order. The days of the fixer upper are gone. Most people are busy and want move in ready.

Please see our comprehensive list on the services page for a better understanding of what Fix-Homes can do for your tenants and home owners.

Please contact us at 1-800-Fix-homes (1-800-349-4663),, or fill out the form on our contact us page.

For Real Estate Agents